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Re: PEI election
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no - in terms of climate science she's been found wanting several times. My suggestion to "dump" was more in line with her failings to move the 'Green Party needle' beyond her small BC enclave - despite running a full complement of candidates, no "break-through" anywhere else. Given the shallow pool of personality that drives most of the typical un/ill-informed citizenry, May is not the face of a party needing a leader to bring the Green Party forward as a national political force.

I've some familiarity with the scientific background of Andrew Weaver, and believe he's learning how to politically maneuver the Green Party into the next levels; see the coalition play even if that somewhat separated him from the BC Green Party proper. In any case, he's the type of person/leader I would look toward to move Greens forward federally - certainly not May!

and another perspective; not necessarily one I share fully: How Elizabeth May taught conservatives never to trust green activists

Trying to find a home for Mother's Green Earth among Conservatives and Liberals clearly didn't work.
Because our extraction economy doesn't work in the long run.
Make no mistake: Greens are all about business,
green business.