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Re: PEI election
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I've some familiarity with the scientific background of Andrew Weaver, and believe he's learning how to politically maneuver the Green Party into the next levels

The resume on the first part sounds good. I would like to see more about the second. Success in politics is about many things. While May not have the most scientific background, and certainly needs help in inspiring others, we should not overlook her legal experience and long background in the Canadian political process. She spent many years involved in Parliament, long before she became an MP.

While the GPC is relatively new compared to the Liberals and the NDP (not sure how old we consider the CPC), May is actually the eighth (full time, there was also an interim one) leader. The party holds leadership elections every four years, and if general elections remain on a four year schedule then it will be about 18 months before the general election. May was first elected in 2006, so this is her fourth term. I don't believe she was challenged in 2018, but I didn't look at that level of detail in the 2018 conference. I haven't heard about term limits in the party, but I don't think any of the major parties have them.