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Re: Patrick Brown #MeToo
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She says he started kissing her, laid her down on the bed, and climbed on. And when she told him to stop, he did.  I mean... if you meet somebody at a bar, go home with them, go to their bedroom, and are surprised that they've gotten the impression you're interested in having sex, you might be a moron of some kind. Or terribly naive. Or maybe both. To me this doesn't sound like sexual assault, it sounds like a (pretty understandable) case of misreading someone's signals.

Is this really something that disqualifies someone from public office?  Is this what women are now demanding to be protected against? To me this is getting extremely ridiculous. 


The one about Kent Hehr is even worse. One woman tweets that he was a creep ten years ago, and sometimes said things like "You're yummy". Seriously? She says she felt 'unsafe".  He's in a wheelchair in a public building! What the hell are you feeling unsafe for!?

I really don't like the terms being tossed around in these cases "Victims" "brave" "survivor". Firstly they're gross exagerations of what happened and second they totally diminish the trauma of **** victims. I mean can you imagine the group therapy session?

"And this is Amy who was gang raped by five men, beaten and spent a month in the hospital."

Amy smiles bravely.

"And then over here is Suzie who was subjected to a disabled man calling her yummy."

Suzie cries hysterically.

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