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Re: Patrick Brown #MeToo
« Reply #15 on: January 25, 2018, 05:26:24 pm »
The timing has to be looked at. The story broke coincidentally at a time to detract beautifully from the Liberal hack conviction clearly tainting Kathleen Wynne. That has to have many asking who leaked the story.

Let's review. The rumours associated with Pat Brown have gone on for many years but no one in the press broke the story as they have not for other politicians because there's been no corroborated proof. Now suddenly the CTV news network with unsubstantiated evidence  breaks it right after the Liberal conviction?

You are asked to believe no one knew about this until the time it was broken by CTV. That makes no sense. It was known. You are asked to believe the Liberals sat on it until now. You are asked to believe the NDP sat on it. You are asked to believe the PC Party sat on it and never vented it when he was elected leader.

I say bullshit to that. There is no way a story like this sits and is released at the time it is unless its a deliberate set up. The most obvious choice is Liberals because they have much to gain from the detraction from their scandal.

However I will say to TimG the cynic in me says it might just as well have been an inside hatchet job by the PC's and I will tell you why. There was no love loss for Brown in the PC's. There was open talk they did not want him going into the election based on the feeling he just didn't have what it takes. He was very much a compromise candidate slipping in unintended as the big players divided the vote. So whether wannabee leaders Vic Fedeli, Raitt, etc., got together and said let's get rid of him is possible. Why? If you pick a new leader now with unanimous caucus consensus and no convention-he or she can ride into the election on a higher moral ground than Kathleen Wynne saying when the PC's are in any way associated with wrong doing we act. When the Liberals are they deny. A skilled communications team for the PC's could demonstrate the personal sexual issues of Brown do not reflect on its policies, but the cover up in the Liberals is directly related to Wynne and how she will NOT take responsibility for an election campaign cover-up. Its a high moral ground a skilled PC Leader could storm into office on, complete with white horse and shining armour.

However at this point in time, I don't see any one PC leader candidate with the dynamic screen presence required to carry that off. There just are not any. Now some people mention Carolyn Mulroney. Nonsense. She has never run for audience. You can't parachute a green outside into the Premier's office. You would as a  PC planner, hope she gets elected, shows her stuff, then is promoted to cabinet and then eventually runs for leadership. This magic presto act does not happen.

So who steps in? Vic Fedeli? He comes across very very smarmy and has twice turned off his own party. I think the former wife of the deceased finance Minister in the Harper regime, wants in. I think Hudak loyalists have a few people in mind, but most probably Jim Nielsen who is bland and boring but clean on scandal.

All that said this could easily as be a PC insider back stab as it was a Liberal back stab.

It is also conceivable the stupid public is easily distracted and puts Wynne back in which would be disasterous. Or its conceivable Ms. Horvath comes in based on a vacuum of leadership concern with the other 2 parties another financial disaster.

So what does this mean? I need to run for office. I will appoint Dia Minister of Culture, Godess my Education Minister, and Sir J my Solicitor General and have him crack down and arrest Omni and the other leftist bleedinghearts on this forum. I will make TimG Finance Minister. Anyone else if you want positions, start sucking up. MH if he is lucky I will get a park attendant's job.

On that note I am off to another matrix in the 5th dimension for some intense vibrations before I return in time to see Wynne spelled Wyne based on the Mandela effect.

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