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Re: Other Provinces
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Conservative politicians keep trying to justify residential schools….  But in Manitoba, it has meant the resignation of the Minister in charge of the First Nations file, the apology minutes after the next one was selected and Conservative MLAs speaking out against their own leadership.

What a bunch of buffoons.

Minutes after he was sworn in as the province's new minister of Indigenous reconciliation and northern relations Thursday, Alan Lagimodiere said those who ran residential schools believed "they were doing the right thing."

Premier Brian Pallister has also been under fire over the last week for suggesting the colonization of Canada was done with good intentions. Lagimodiere's predecessor, Agassiz MLA Eileen Clarke, resigned from cabinet after Pallister's comments.

New Manitoba Indigenous minister says residential school system believed 'they were doing the right thing'
Political experts say Manitoba PCs will have a hard time recovering from residential school blunder
The premier stood firm in his comments Thursday, saying that he was paying tribute to Canadians and pre-Canada builders.