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Re: Other Provinces
« Reply #60 on: November 25, 2019, 01:28:58 am »
BC NDP convention passed a resolution to lower the voting age to 16.   I think this is a great idea, but doesnít go far enough.   I think there should also be a maximum voting age of 75.   Those people are too old to have any long term stake in the province/city in which they live and, therefor, shouldnít get to influence how the province/city will go forward into the future.

16 year olds are old enough to work and pay taxes...   no taxation without representation.

Other things included not allowing parking fees at hospitals.   This one has pissed me off.  Iíve had to be in the hospital a few times for unpleasant situations.  Twice Iíve come out to find parking tickets on my vehicle.  They are taking advantage of people in vulnerable positions.   Doesnít sit well with me.  Glad to see the NDP take a stand.

Other resolutions:

Pressuring the federal government to deliver more affordable cell phone and internet options.

Not bad...   I think if weíre being ripped off the CRTC should be protecting consumers....  (Iím assuming itís the CRTC that governs that stuff....?)

Enhancing the diversity of representation so it reflects the diversity of British Columbia.

In principle, this sounds wunderbar.  In practice, it probably means quotas and sounds like something out of the SJW playbook...    not enthused about this one.

Recommitting to investing in childcare.

Pay out of your own damn pocketbook if you choose to have kids and canít, or donít like them enough, to stay home with them.  Unless youíre poor.   Then I think taxpayers should fund it.

Supporting the Period Promise campaign by encouraging government to offer free menstrual products in all public buildings in BC.

In all public buildings???   Hmmmm.....   maybe just schools/universities/hospitals/welfare offices?   I doubt the Ministry of Natural Resources offices needs a tampon dispenser.  But I donít know for certain.