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Re: Other Provinces
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BC byelection confirms NDP/Green slim majority.

Usually byelections are bad for the ruling party, they tell us.  Also, a poll by Mainstreet came out just prior to the byelection saying the Liberals had a 13 point lead.
Greens only received 7%, compared to 20% in the general election.  People were voting strategically.  If the Greens would have received 20%, the government probably would have fallen.

The Vancouver Island Party received 0.5% of the vote.
I think I may vote for them the next election...
Our Vision

Our beloved Islandís distinct way of life is under threat from severe climate change, federal and provincial government indifference and economic, environmental and social injustices.

We, our children and our grandchildren want to live in a just society with protection from the ravages of extreme climate warming such as rising sea levels, depleted resources on land and in the sea, and the lack of stable, well paying and long-lasting jobs. We also want improved health care.

There is hope! Politics, but not as usual! Love, respect, reconciliation and trust, not fear! We can enjoy a strong, safe and sustainable economy, a healthy environment and the elimination of poverty before it is too late!

Only The VanIsle Party can offer you this kind of a future. We have a plan with goals and objectives that can deliver on these promises. But we need the citizens of Vancouver Island to share our vision and work together toward its implementation before it is too late!

There is urgency to our message! We need to join together to form a new province of Vancouver Island, equal to a Government for the rest of British Columbia (British Columbia Government) that will join the Canadian Confederation as its eleventh province on favourable, negotiated Provincial Terms of Confederation.
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