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Re: Other Provinces
« Reply #60 on: December 04, 2018, 09:41:15 am »
Who am I replying to....   TimG?   So you donít think the there should be a price on CO2 emissions?

Alberta has a CO2 tax, and their gas is still 30 cents cheaper than ours. You don't think being dependent on a single 24" pipeline and imports from Washington for all our fossil fuel state impacts gas prices here?

I know you know that the pipeline expansion is all about exports and wonít do anything for local prices....    plus, why do we need an expansion now if the Alberta government is legislating a drop in production?

BC is a market. Our money is just as good as China's. If BC had any refining capacity our own, some of the increased capacity from Alberta could be put to use right here.  Or more of Trans 1 Mountain could be used to provide fuel for BC if the expansion was providing capacity for export.

The Alberta production cut costs Canada millions of dollars in lost revenue that might come in handy if we plan to continue to pay for social programs.

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