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Re: Other Provinces
« Reply #45 on: December 03, 2018, 08:56:17 am »
I didnít. I have a real problem with the way this is being done. If there is only a 50% response you could get as low as 26% of the electorate deciding to change the way we vote. If that 26% is split evenly between the three options, you could have as few as 9% deciding how we vote in future. This is a dishonest and unrepresentative way of forcing change from a bunch that says how we vote now isnít representative. As a result, I voted for the status quo. For the record, I voted for STV in the last two reforendums so I am not against change.

Your reasons for how you voted are flawed. 

The opposite is just as true....  we could be stuck with the status quo based on a low voter turnout. 

If you donít vote, you donít get a voice....   thatís on you.  My democratic vote for something shouldnít depend on people who are too stupid or lazy to cast a ballot.