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Re: Other Provinces
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The reality of the science will require a transition which will have some bumps along the way of course. But to bury ones head in the sand would result in a lot worse bumps.
The problem, to the extent it exists, does not come from oil production. It comes from all those Canadians living in big cities that expect food and supplies at the local stores, electricity on demand and transport on demand. "transitioning" the oil patch will do nothing because the oil produced locally will be replaced with imports. Of course the venal hypocrites calling for "transitioning" would never dream of making real personal sacrifices for climate change. In their minds any sacrifices must be made by others.

The futility and hypocrisy of targeting oil production can be seen in this story of how the reduced power consumption from LED lights has *increased* Christmas electricity demand in BC as people simply increase the number of Christmas lights they have on display:
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