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Re: Other Provinces
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Speaking about provinces, according to a report from the PBO, the economic situation of some of the provinces and their growing debt loads is unsustainable.

As of 2017, the provinces’ net debts average about 26 per cent of GDP — five points better than the federal government, at 31 per cent — ranging from a high of 43 per cent in Quebec to a low of 1.6 per cent in Alberta.

Now flash forward 25 years. While average provincial debt, the PBO projects, will increase modestly, to 36 per cent of GDP, the deterioration in the position of some provinces is quite startling: New Brunswick’s debt, now at 34 per cent of GDP, leaps to 115 per cent; Manitoba’s, from 37 per cent to 105 per cent; Newfoundland’s, from 32 per cent to 76 per cent.

 For comparison, when Saskatchewan famously “hit the wall” in the early 1990s, its debt-to-GDP ratio was less than 60 per cent.
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