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Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
« Reply #75 on: April 23, 2018, 09:54:02 am »
Again, ignoring the deficit they were handed. A valid look is from a sound financial standing - period. Pretending that deficit was fake is just as foolish as you pretending the surplus the Liberals had this year is fake - it exposes your extreme partisan bias.

The ON liberals came into power in 2003, it's now 2018.  They've had 15 years to show how they can manage taxpayer money.  Blaming their performance on some other government from 15 years ago doesn't fly.  Yes they had to deal with the recession, but they dealt with it by spending into oblivion (much of it wasteful) beyond what the vast majority of other sub-national governments had to do to get through the recession.  The province has the worst debt of any regional government in the world.

Their spending has been foolish.  They vastly over-spent on hydro infrastructure that ON residents don't use & is sitting around burning money & will continue to do so for decades, meanwhile every home & business in the province is paying for those mistakes out of their pockets with terribly overpriced hydro bills, that's ridiculous amounts of money from business and consumers that could have been spent in the economy but is literally being thrown in the garbage every month. Then they burnt more money on the gas plant scandal fiasco.  Then to provide relief for their huge hydro incompetence they create a scheme that will create many billions more in interest payments in the coming decades, & then fudge the books to hide the true costs (according to the auditor general).

On top of this, the Libs want to give everyone the moon when they not only don't have the revenue for it but are already deeply struggling in debt & deficit.  Free daycare, free pharmacare, free dental, free drive-clean tests, free post-secondary tuition for incomes <50k, i can't even remember them all. They want to increase spending on already ridiculous debt & deficits, the recession is over but they have no interest in returning spending to pre-recession levels, no interest in surpluses or balanced budgets through at least 2025 (unless its in an election year to try to trick people into thinking they are financially responsible). Debt interest payments alone are currently $14 billion a year and projected to increase through at least 2025.

Then they think a population of 14 million people is going to save the planet, so they hamper their economy even more by slapping all sorts of taxes on gas at the pumps so they can mispend that revenue.  Ontarians pay almost 40 cents for a every litre of gas on taxes!!  Wouldn't be so bad if that money didn't go to debt interest payments and all sorts of other waste.
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