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Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
« Reply #75 on: April 23, 2018, 08:47:39 am »
McParland, really?

It was Doug Ford that brought up abortion. It was Doug Ford that brought up carbon pricing. Sure blame the Liberals on subjects that Ford introduced. Next you will claim Ford is playing a clean campaign because he claims so, all the while ignoring he began with calling Wynne corrupt and saying there would be several members of her cabinet going behind bars. That moron is Donald Trump, complete with the "lock her up" chants despite the fact that there are willing blind and stupid followers of him.

Wynne is corrupt. And that's the type if fear mongering we saw in 2006 with Troops in the Street ads. Ford is Pro Choice but the point is valid that there are so many things parents have to be consulted about before a kid can do it, but not abortion? It doesn't mean he's looking to take anyone's right away.