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Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
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I wonder why the extremely biased Fraser Institute doesn't look at the period starting in 2007-8 (the last year of fiscal surplus) to today? Oh yeah, that "extremely biased" part. It took a couple of years to clean up the mess left by the Harris/Eves PC party you know.

Why is the Fraser Institute 'extremely biased"? As far as I'm aware their only policy issue is taxes, spending and government efficiency. And they criticized the Harper government at times, too. The far left's disdain for the FI seems to arise out of their sense of indignation that FI cares about money and not 'human beings' like you do. But that's simply because you presume a sense of moral superiority to all your political positions.

As for the time it took to 'clean up the mess' I have some vague recollection of the Liberals taking over and then over-inflating the size of the deficit by playing dishonest accounting games and throwing in every possible debt obligation they could, even from future years. But that's not really relevant. What they looked at was the growth of program spending, the growth of revenue, population growth and inflation since the Liberals took power.
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