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Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
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He's certainly coming off as incompetent and uninformed as Trump. That's got to make conservatives feel good--to know there's a candidate as thick as they are. Wynne's going to lose.

She deserves to lose. I doubt there's been a government in Canadian history as incompetent and utterly cynical about the use of taxpayers dollars for their own political benefit. Renegotiating the hydro loans so as to lower hydro rates was a breathtaking misuse of public funds which,  according to her own budget watchdog will cost the people of Ontario an extra $21 BILLION dollars. Think about that for a moment. TWENTY ONE BILLION DOLLARS! All done in hope of making herself look more popular in the runup to an election! Can anyone think of a few better things we could have done with that money? I know I can!
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