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Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
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No, it is far, far, far, far worse. The money goes to the banks, and it is far, far, far, far harder to reverse. The brain dead Flaherty/Harper GST cut and corporate gifting is how they racked up the second largest debt of any Canadian government (behind Mulroney). A tax cut is only good to elect incompetents by morons.

What paranoid nonsense is this? Cutting the GST benefited no one but the consumers who didn't have to fork over the other 2%, and the retailers who probably saw increased sales. I wasn't in favor of the GST cuts but it's hard to imagine a better tax cut for getting into the pockets of ordinary people - as opposed to the US tax cut which primarily helped the wealthy. As for tax cuts benefiting the 'corporations' the Liberals have done that in reducing corporate taxes.

Whining about Harper's deficits without acknowedgling the terrible recession, and that all three opposition parties were EXTREMELY supportive of them - demanding them, in fact, is sheer dishonesty.

As for Mulroney, well, if he had started out with very low debt and virtually no deficit, like Trudeau did, then the double digit inflation rate wouldn't have hurt nearly as much as it did starting out with Trudeau's $70billion deficit and the accumulated debt from his dozen years in office.

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