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Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
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The "tax breaks!" people are no better than the "free stuff!" people in this regard.    Look at our Republican friends south of the border. For 8 years they were bitching about the national debt, but now that their guy is in the White House, they've implemented a massive unfunded tax cut for the corporations and the very wealthy that results in a $1.3 trillion dollar deficit... but they're no longer concerned about the size of the deficit.


Have you ever heard me say one good thing about those people? Still, a tax cut isn't as bad as increased spending. At least the money goes back to its owners. And it's a lot easier to reverse that than it is to fire people and slash programs.

It does indicate the problem with democracy in a low knowledge environment where idiots who pay little attention to what's going on and give little thought to the future rush out to vote for whoever offers them the most goodies. How many of those people who now think Trump is doing a good job understand the tax cuts will disappear after a few years? How many new Wynne supporters understand most of these promises won't take place until around the time of the next election - if at all, and won't even be fully implemented until AFTER the next election (if at all)
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