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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #345 on: October 29, 2022, 06:10:46 am »
I'm very pleased to hear that the DoFo government will actually post a Surplus.

while Premier Ford is called out by the provinces 'Financial Accountability Office (FAO)' for a lack of transparency in spending intentions over the next several years, a financial report from the FAO stated:
The Ford government's current spending plan contains $40 billion in program funding shortfalls over six years, though it also contains $44 billion in unallocated contingency funds, a dramatic unprecedented level of contingency funds.

speaking of propping up those contingency allocations during the pandemic, public accounts show Ford Conservatives massively underspent federal COVID-19 funding, that purposely, "withheld $5.6 billion that should have been used to protect Ontario families from COVID, put more nurses and PSWs into health care and make schools and daycares safer". Such astute Conservative fiscal management, hey Boges!

by the by Boges: Ontario nurses, education workers and other broader public sector employees called on the Ford government to repeal Bill 124 legislation that capped salary increases for those workers at one per cent a year for three years in 2019. Various related unions have challenged the legislation as unconstitutional... and if they win their court case and if the law gets repealed, the FAO stated that could cost the province $8.4 billion over five years, including a potential $2.1 billion in retroactive payments.