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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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Classroom sizes are being cut back next year.  Meanwhile, some teachers who are permanent now don't have classes to teach but can't be fired so will be literally doing mostly jack-all next school year while on the payroll.
They maybe won't have classes, but there is always more than enough work to go around in education.

Over 31,000 kids on the Autistic-spectrum (ASD) just had Special program supports cancelled.
Only 8000+ were currently receiving that educational support (23000+ on the waiting list) because it was already insufficient for the demands.
That educational support included Applied Behaviour Analysis program specialists who have really helped many Autistic students succeed via an intensive 1 to 1 program. And it also included 1-to-1 support of an Educational Assistant where needed.

The government is spinning some devious myths to mislead the general public into believing that it's still providing ASD program funds.
This entire page, for example, may appear to the casual reader to show plenty of supports for ASD students:
But what it's really saying is that ASD special program funds are now nonexistent, and funding for special programs for ASD kids will now be taken out of the existing regular Special Education budgets, already stretched to the max. supporting the needs of a wide variety of students with learning difficulties (but not ASD).

See, it's confusing even trying to explain how they're trying to confuse you. Lol

But ... Ford and his policy handlers (mostly very young and cutthroat political campaign staff, elevated to positions of great power once elected) may think they can snow the general public ... but there are ASD kids in every community whose parents/family/friends are vocal advocates for them. I've seen very vocal letters/posts of strong opposition to these cuts from people/families/ridings that have been Tory-blue since Canada was born.

If Ford keeps up the dunderhead cuts to kids while padding the pockets of his rich cronies, he may be the one to crack wide open the 150 year Tory-blue hold on much of rural/small-town Ontario.

So ... Go Dougie Go!!!
The more stupidity the better.  Lol

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