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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #285 on: May 31, 2019, 02:17:37 pm »
Looks like the popularity of the Ford government has collapsed...

Premier Ford has a net favourability rating of -53.5%. By comparison, Wynne’s net favourability rating stood at -35.3% on April 30th, 2018....The poll also surveyed Ontarians who they would vote for if an election were held today. Among decided and leaning voters, the Liberals with interim leader John Fraser at the helm have 39.9% (+13.9% since April), while the NDP have 24.2% (-2.4%). The PCs have 22.4% (-10%), while the Greens have 12% (+3%).

I find it quite surprising that conservative support has gone down so quickly. They're less than half way through their mandate, the economy is doing OK (apart from a few problems, but at least some of those problems had external causes). He has made a lot of budget cuts, but I don't think any of the cuts would have had much time to filter down to the level where they affect services. And there have been no big scandals as of yet.

People who voted for the conservatives should have had an idea what they were getting.

Ford announced total cut of special needs support for Autistic kids, then wondered why Special Olympians booed him ?
People do know the effect the budget cuts will have on them.
I don't think parents of Autistic kids ever expected that ALL of their Special Needs educational support funding would be totally axed. That cut potentially affects kids in every school, every community - urban-rural, Conservative or not Conservative. Not only each kid and their parents, but just might affect the votes of their extended family, friends, neighbours, professional staff ... and Ford was surprised to be booed by Special Olympians?! 
The reactions were immediate to such announcements.

Ford announced cuts to flood prevention and remediation, then stands in an Ottawa flood zone crowing about how he's going to help them?

His answers ... 'I was told there's some waste there.'
'That's what I was told.' ... taking no responsibility, passing the blame to some anonymous others (Who are "they'"?), providing absolutely no intelligent rationale or accounting for cuts.
That ignorance and arrogance is not going over very well with his own voters at all, who expected at least some logical explanation.
'Somebody told me too' just isn't good enough.
He just gets more and more ridiculous each day.

It does not escape the notice of ordinary folks either, that he just handed a pile of dough (tax cuts) to his rich business cronies, at the expense of (eg) Autistic kids.
Pretty bad 'optics'.
I doubt that 'They told me they needed it' is going over well. Lol
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