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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #210 on: December 14, 2018, 07:46:14 pm »
    What a painfully ignorant and hyperbolic statement. 

    Oh bite me, pedant.

    ]So you would test your own food imports for safety?  Check for mad cow in that Alberta beef?  You would ensure those chickens coming from the farm are safe to eat?[/li]

    [li]You would fix part of the highway when it gets a pothole? [/li]

    [li]You could ensure your car isn't polluting the air all by yourself?[/li]

    [li]You don't use any imports ever?  All your goods come from your local manufacturers, farmers and producers?  [/li]

    [li]Any medications you use will be tested for safety by....  you?[/li]

    [li]You want to join the private militia to do patrols in your neighbourhood and stand guard at the border?  [/li]

    [li]I guess this same private militia will make sure the prison system works and conduct trials and hangings of criminals as needed?[/li][/list]

    What I said was I benefit from no government programs - not that I don't benefit from anything the government does. I do not get any sort of moneys or subsidies from either level of government. I benefit no more than say, a long term visitor or temporary foreign worker. There is nothing government can cut which will really impact me at that kind of level. As opposed to poorer people who are recipients of various income redistribution efforts, and various other efforts at providing them with better lives.
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