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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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According to the PBO Harper did exactly the opposite of what you suggest.

Oh, this should be good. You're going to tell me now that the Harper government slashed spending on the poor, right?

According to estimates by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), the tax cuts implemented by the Harper government from 2005 to 2013 result in an annual loss to the federal government of $17.1 billion of personal income taxes, $13.3 billion of GST revenues and $13 billion in corporate income taxes for a total annual revenue loss of $43.5 billion. And this does not include all of the tax changes made by the Conservative government over this period, or others made since.

This irrelevant piece of data from a radical left web site has basically NOTHING to do with what I said. Go back to my post, find someone to read it and explain it to you.

However, these cuts alone mean that the federal government now has $44 billion less each year to deal with issues such as rising health care and post-secondary education costs, funding for early childhood education, education in First Nations communities, poverty reduction, replacement of decaying infrastructure, meat and railway inspectors, affordable housing, improving water supply and so on.

Uhm, well, total bullshit, of course. And it ignores the fact Trudeau cut taxes to 'the middle class' to buy votes, cut the Tory government's responsible pledge to raise the pension payout age by a couple of years (as most western countries have done), and increased spending on a wide variety of 'social infrastructure' plans without raising taxes to pay for them. Further, the Tory tax cuts helped ease our economy's downfall in the recession. We're not in a recession any more, so why does Trudeau not increase the GST? How can you be so hypocritical about the Tories lowering taxes but not utter a single word of condemnation for Trudeau not raising them back up again?

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