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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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Why the 'left' believes that armies of office workers and overstaffed service is good for the people is beyond me.  They react that way because conservatives cut benefits from the poor when they come into office.

That you would lay the blame for the Left's fiscal mismanagement on conservatives 'cutting benefits to the poor' is laughably one-sided.

The only reason conservatives cut services is because liberals run up deficits to buy votes. And since most of the services government spends on (which it has the ability to cut) are for the poor, or various forms of income redistribution, that does affect the poor. When Chretien fought the deficit he did so by slashing social transfer funds, which disproportionately impacted the poor. There is no way to cut government spending without disproportionately impacting the poor.

I am not poor. I benefit from precisely ZERO government programs or subsidies. The federal and provincial governments could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't even notice. The only way they impact me is by raising my taxes, which has happened frequently under the Liberals in both Ottawa and Toronto. But generally* once the Tories get in the Liberals have run the economy into the ground, and there's little room left to raise taxes. If Trudeau gets elected again next year, as is likely, then by the time the Tories do get in we can expect to have an even more massive debt load, higher taxes, and an economy in tatters. So again, they'll have to cut services, and that will impact the poor a lot more than me.

*The exception being Chretien. That, though, was an exceptional circumstance. Having no vision, and no interest in helping people, Chretien withheld spending as long as the right was divided. You see, Liberals only spend money to buy votes, and he had no need to do so. Thus when Harper took over there was no need to slash spending 'on the poor'. In fact, according to the PBO Harper's government made a series of progressive tax changes which disproportionately benefited the poor at the expense of the rich.
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