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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #195 on: December 08, 2018, 05:12:30 pm »
He's sitting in a conflict of interest right now.  They changed the job posting so he could win the job.  It was all set up and all sounds like fishy BS.

As premier you don't make your friend, the person who can investigate you if you break the law, as the head cop of the province.

Zero proof of a conflict. Taverner did not change the job description nor is there an iota of evidence he used any friendship with Ford to get hired or change the job description, Also show me how he did not qualify under the old job description. Get back to me on that because I want to know what qualifications he does not have for the job and the proof Ford had anything to do with choosing him. He 's the subject of a hatchet job. The cops like him. He is their choice. If there is a bias its the cops like him. You want a politically respectable pick spit it out. Should he be a woman of colour lesbian in a wheel chair undergoing a sex change operation?   Please advise on your qualifications. If ever someone was qualified and overdue its him. He 's being falsely accused and smeared simply because he knows the Ford family. That in itself should not disqualify him. Get back to me when you or anyone can explain  how he is not qualified. Talk about a smear job.
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