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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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Not that anyone cares, but Ron Taverner was unfairly passed over for Toronto Police Chief many times because of political reasons. He did and does have a reputation for playing the media to sell himself which did not sit well, but he was a clean cop and he had his guys back. He is not a dirty cop. He was a bank robbery guy. Try do that thankless job. He is totally qualified. The fact he is a supposed friend of Doug Ford should not disqualify him. Also he has never sat in any conflict of interest relationship with Ford. Someone show me one.

He's sitting in a conflict of interest right now.  They changed the job posting so he could win the job.  It was all set up and all sounds like fishy BS.

As premier you don't make your friend, the person who can investigate you if you break the law, as the head cop of the province. 
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