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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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FACT 1: Mike Harris opened the door to privatization, the number one problem with Ontario Hydro companies today.
FACT 2: Ernie Eves paved the path to closing all coal plants in Ontario
FACT 3: Dalton McGuinty & Kathleen Wynne sped up the 12 year timeline of closing coal plants by about 14 months
FACT 4: Green Energy subsidies add about 5-6% to your hydro bill

Now, who is responsible for the mess we are in?

The McGuinty Liberals, largely.  They built the new plants that produce far beyond capacity & waste ridiculous amounts of money/power, they chose to build more expensive green energy sources, they signed the horrible 20-year contracts we can't get out of.  They also cancelled the gas plants.  Ernie Eves was in power for a year and a half, but yet he closed the plants & built the expensive new ones?  LOL

McGuinty inherited aging power infrastructure that needed to be replaced.  He totally botched it, and Wynne didn't do much to help but the major damage was done.  Ontario has fields of windmills as far as the eye can see producing energy the province doesn't even need.

My evidence is here:
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