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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #165 on: October 01, 2018, 07:26:26 pm »
I am anti Trudeau and was anti Wynne. However I think Ford's whining about the free trade deal barely hours after it was signed was cheap below the belt crap.

The decisions that went into the agreement were done trying to consider the unions, business owners and provinces and it is unfair to say Ontario was sold out. In fact car parts manufacturers are better off and the unions and business owners traditionally at opposite ends of the spectrum both have said they can live with the deal.

Ford was out of line not taking time to prepare a proper balanced criticism.. if he had any decency he would have pointed out the positives not just negatives.

Ford can be an ugly, shallow, bully. He can't resist knee jerk cheap shots at a time when we need dignity in politics not slovenly hateful divisiveness.

I will challenge Trudeau but taking cheap shots at him a day after the deal is too easy.

I prefer William Davis like middle of the roaders. I liked David Crombie. I liked Paul Martin.

I don't always agree with John Tory but he brought dignity back to the Mayor's job with his manners.
I don't like rude people who look like they devour whales whole without chewing them. I dislike Ford as a person. His party I hope can addresss the serious financial mess.

Ford needs to learn when to lay back. The federal government is going to compensate dairy farmers due to the new agreement. How about then he shut his fat mouth until he finds out the size of that compensation.
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