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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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The large majority of newspapers in Canada lean conservative.  National Post, Sun papers, Ottawa Citizens and all Postmedia papers.  Talk radio tends to lean conservative.  You have to fight the Toronto Star and CBC, ok.

The postmedia papers carry the same basic columnists.The Sun, Citizen and Post, for example, will all cover the same stories exactly the same way and usually with the same columnist. There are a few somewhat conservative columnists who will complain about the deficit or weak laws or government waste, but the papers themselves are not conservative. In terms of social issues they're all reliably on the progressive side of the divide. There is not one media organization in this country that isn't strongly in favour of gender equality, pro gay-rights, pro-life, anti-death penalty, pro union, pro-immigration, diversity and multiculturalism. When you run the check list of social causes most beloved to progressives, the media line up on the progressive side in every single case.

And it is on social causes that the Conservatives are usually attacked, often unfairly. It's already happening to Bernier, with the CBC doing a hit job on him the other day.

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