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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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Here's what the judges on the new ruling said:

"Unquestionably, Ontario's announcement of its intention to introduce Bill 5 disrupted the campaigns that were already underway. However, Bill 5 does not limit or restrict any message the candidates wish to convey to voters," the ruling said.

"While the change brought about by Bill 5 is undoubtedly frustrating for candidates who started campaigning in May 2018, we are not persuaded that their frustration amounts to a substantial interference with their freedom of expression," it continued.

"Candidates had a reasonable expectation that they would be operating under a 47-ward platform However, neither that platform nor that expectation was constitutionally guaranteed. Unfairness alone does not establish a charter breach."

I was originally against Doug on this, but now I realize the original ruling was arguing what Ford was doing was against the charter because it violated the council candidate's and the voters' "freedom of expression" as stated above.  This makes little sense, so now I agree with the new ruling. 

The original judge said it violated voters' freedom of expression because their representation with the city would be cut in half.  But that makes no sense, because that argument means that at no time ever can anyone cut the # of seats on any city council, which government obviously has a right to do.  Why would 25 seats be violation but 42 seats wouldn't?   What difference would it make if Doug cut the seats now during an election or a year from now?  And how would it violate voter rights of "expression"?  contituents can still voice their concerns to their 25 city res.  Ontario and the fed gov has 25 ridings in Toronto so what's the difference?  Ok it might be harder because they're dealing with more people, but to say it violates their "freedom of expression" is a huge stretch.  It makes no sense.  Doug isn't trying to muzzle Toronto voters.
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