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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #90 on: September 16, 2018, 03:48:25 pm »
So politicians can do whatever they want in between the 5 years they're up for re-election?

As long as what they do gets forgiven by the electorate, yeah. Pretty much. That's how parliamentary democracy works.

Between those 5 years, the judiciary is supposed to keep the gov in check so that the laws they pass is lawful.

No. The judiciary is supposed to analyse laws and determine if they meet a constitutional test, when challenged. I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with is judges saying "Well, I don't like this law, so let's see, how can I justify overturning it somehow... Hmm. I'll say it's against people's freedom of expression!"

That's why they pass laws, as long as those laws are constitutional and lawful.

And that would work if we had a neutral, unbiased judiciary. We do not have such a thing.

ford wasn't elected on a mandate to shrink the size of Toronto city council DURING an election.

The election is still a couple of months away.

That's their job.  They interpret the law, not the whims of citizens or politicians.

And if I trusted them to interpret it honestly, instead of according to their own whims, that would be fine. I don't.

If he doesn't like the judge's decision he can appeal it.  Ford can take it all the way to the SCC if he wants.

I'm sure he will. Of course, the election will be over by then, which was probably the judge's intention.
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