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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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The judiciary is the primary check on the government leader's power (PM, Premiers).  The GG or LG is essentially a rubber stamp, so is the senate/upper chamber.

The primary check on a government's power is the electorate. Because that government wants to be re-elected.

Stop and think for 2 seconds what it means for a Premier or PM to have the power to override the Constitution and our rights.

You mean like they had for most of the history of this country? Why, we could be living in the hellhole of 1979 or something!

I don't care what you think the agenda of judges are.  The judiciary has a vital role and if you think they have a bias well of course they do, so do all judges in any country.

Okay, so you don't care about judges making up law as they go along because you fear politicians. That sounds pretty weird to me. You can get rid of politicians easily enough. You can't get rid of judges at all. Politicians have to have some concern for what the citizenry wants. Judges don't give a **** what the people want or think or say.

This sounds like you fear Canadians and want a nanny watching them. I don't fear Canadians. I fear the nanny.

You can't just ignore the courts at will because you disagree with them.

If a judge can ignore the law at will because he disagrees with it then why can't the politicians ignore the judge?
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