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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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And again, there is no evidence whatsoever, other than paranoia, that Ford is doing this to suit his political allies, or even that it will help his political allies.

I didn't say he was...  no one did.  It's called a hypothetical.  Would you accept that as a legitimate reason for any government to change the boundaries?   That's all I'm asking.   

And why give a **** about it anyway? Do you know how many incumbents lost in the last Toronto election? One. Nor is that the least unusual. If you check on the voting you find most incumbents winning with between 50% and 80% of the vote in every damned election. They don't get enough press for people to know what they're really up to, but enough to be a 'name' incumbency let's them know what community groups to stroke and lets them do it. The nobodies who mostly challenge them get no publicity or press and so even if someone wants to vote out their councillor they generally have no idea which of the half dozen or more challengers have a prayer. It was the same in Ottawa, with just 1 incumbent losing.

The rest of this post is "blah blah blah...  avoiding the questions in my post".