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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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Yes, only Saskatchewan & Quebec used it. The clause also applies to the federal government, which has never used it. Even Stephen Harper, the guy that lost more court cases than Donald Trump, never resorted to using it.

Harper lacked the spine to use it. He lacked the willingness to push any conservative principles. This might give you a bit of an insight into why conservatives are unlikely to have a problem with what Ford has done.

In disagreeing with Justice Edward Belobaba’s decision on his move to cut the size of Toronto city council, Ford is playing to this heightened Conservative skepticism towards Canada’s justice institutions. In moving to invoke Charter Section 33 (the notwithstanding clause), Ford is also betting a figurative flipping of the bird to this country’s legal and government establishment also will resonate among the majority of Canadians, who say they feel as though they are on the outside looking in.

When the Angus Reid Institute last asked, fully two-thirds of Canadians said “the values and ideals I care about most are losing ground.” On the right-hand side of the political spectrum, the feeling only intensified, with nearly four-in-five (79 per cent) of past Conservative voters expressing this. Among those who were on the “very right” side of the political scale (as opposed to moderately right), this view was nearly unanimous (91 per cent).
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