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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« Reply #30 on: September 13, 2018, 01:18:58 pm »
Seems to me the opposition to Ford is more driven by partisan posturing rather than a sober assessment of the pro-cons of different approaches to the problem (i.e. how to best implement a change to the city electoral system).

The opposition to Ford is driven by the stupidity of his actions. There was no sober assessment done by Doug Ford, in fact that is what the judgement that you are so freaked out about was saying.

I have seen no evidence that intent or objective of this move was to "rig" an election. It was driven by the belief that a 44 member council with no party system/cabinet is too big to be productive. This is not an unreasonable argument.

No, it was driven by pure hate mongering rhetoric. We have 325 members of Parliament, and it was a Conservative that increased it to that number. A Conservative that Doug Ford supports. This is pure stupidity, dog whistle politics to rile his dumb ass base. Ford wants to create an enemy, just like Dotard always does. He says the councilors are the enemy of the people, and his sheep continue to bray along.
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