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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
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So you think the Constitution is a comprehensive document that lays out all the potential violations and remedies?

I prefer the style of interpretation which looks at the intent and words of the framers of the constitution and does not try to substitute ones own opinion on things for theirs.
I refer you to one of the critiques of this judge's finding.

“Because the judge couldn’t invoke Section 3 of the Charter (which doesn’t apply to municipalities), he wrote himself a new Charter in which Section 2 does the work of Section 3.”
Anglin said that the judge’s argument concerning political rights under Section 3 of the Charter “doesn't apply to municipal elections” and that the argument Belobaba made rests on “two inapplicable” Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) precedents.

This is judicial activism, as far as I can see. And I much prefer originalism or constructivism.
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