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Re: Ontario Government of Doug Ford
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:41:07 pm »
The courts ruling was that Ford presented little evidence to support a hastily prepared argument that the legislation would result in more effective representation or that it would make council more efficient and save money. He tried to change the rules in the middle of a city campaign, another idiotic move. Who elected this reactionary moron anyway?

The people.

As far as I'm aware the municipalities are creations of the provinces, who can do basically anything they want to them, including abolishing them. The judge's complaint that there wasn't enough consultation or that there wasn't evidence that it would be more efficient strikes me as ... so? I mean, so what? They don't need to do that to change the rules for cities all they want. There's no requirement for consultations and there's absolutely no need to demonstrate in legislation that a proposed change to 'improve efficiency' actually will. We've seen numerous such changes over the years at all levels of government to 'improve efficiency' and how many of them actually did? The courts don't get to look over the goverment's shoulder to judge whether a change is going to be efficient or not. That's not their responsibility and they have no particular training for it. I'm fairly confident this will be reversed on appeal. It certainly should be! I can only speculate they decided to use the notwithstanding clause because of the time constraints.
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