Author Topic: Ontario College Strike - Back to Work Legislation  (Read 385 times)

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Re: Ontario College Strike - Back to Work Legislation
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:40:54 am »

The influence of conservatives in these forums have sharpened my eyes towards Liberal bias in media (thought not, apparently, mixed metaphors).  As such, it's telling that the NDP's apparent misstep on refusing to meet to end the strike is getting very large coverage by The Star and The CBC.

Whether or not you agree that these organs are going to bat to get the bat (Kathleen Wynne) re-elected, at least do yourself a favour and keep an eye out, hmm ?

Anyone with an ounce of political acumen knew that if the vote failed there would be back to work legislation. Why the union is professing shock and outrage is beyond me. I'm fairly sure they were counting on it. It's been clear that the bad publicity was mounting against the Liberal's non-action, and the only reason they put off the legislation as long as they did was pressure from the teachers unions which contribute so much money and manpower to their election campaigns.

As for the Star, it's the only news organization in Canada, to my knowledge, which has a political mandate requiring that it support liberal, progressive values. As far as I know it has always supported the Liberal party, through thick and thin, without regard to facts or situations. The CBC of course, is the CBC. Nuff said.
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