Author Topic: Manitoba Health has Fiscal Wings Clipped  (Read 240 times)

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Re: Manitoba Health has Fiscal Wings Clipped
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:51:24 pm »
I found a link:

Personal care home in Lac du Bonnet (estimated cost $32 million).
Northern consultation clinic in Thompson ($9 million).
St. Vital primary care access clinic ($4.7 million).
The Pas primary care clinic ($5.3 million).
CancerCare Manitoba facility ($300 million).

Navaratnam said the CancerCare centre, which would have put all of its services together under one roof, cannot be built without provincial funding. It currently rents space in several buildings.

Plans for a blood bank in St. Boniface, which had not been previously announced, will also not go ahead. The PCs say that project was estimated to cost $2.1 million.

Three other projects that were announced by the NDP have not been approved by the Treasury Board:

A new facility for the Pan Am Clinic in Winnipeg.
A Concordia wellness centre.
An international centre for dignity and palliative care.

BTW - this is my regional health centre:

A government spokesperson told CBC News that aside from an MRI facility for the Dauphin Health Centre, for which a decision is pending,

They're building the facility.  You can go and see it.  With this government, there's a good chance it will sit empty without an MRI for...ever.