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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
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And in other Hamilton Police Service news ...

[Former undercover HPS officer] ... alleged his identity was intentionally revealed to a Hamilton crime family by a high-ranking police colleague and that other officers have ties to organized crime and the Hells Angels.

To summarize ... 'Some' police officers blew his cover and abandoned him to the mob. He survived to tell, blew the whistle on all of it, and he is suing HPS (& Police Services Board ... which includes the Mayor) for several million in damages.

** The City has failed to provide the court with a defense.**

Oh the intrigue and the dancing and wailing and gnashing ... !

And btw ... mob-police-politician collusion doesn't just happen in Hamilton. We are fortunate to have Paul Manning, the outsider, "the Englishman", who is brave enough to tell the truth.

And OIPRD investigations into police response to Hate groups at Pride Fest are ongoing.