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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
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I didn't mean to malign the hammer.  I have close friends and immediate family there.  I have had some very special times... St. Joseph's Church, the hockey arena, Jack and Lois' Restaurant, Copps Colliseum, Reimel Road...
Guess you missed SuperCrawl.
No offence taken. Just clarifying.

The problem is, literally, roving hate groups from other towns. They aren't random, and the organization is just now clearer:
Organizing under the alias “Jenny Hill”, Bultje has been responsible for headlining contentious and frequently violent monthly “Rallies against Radical Islam” in communities throughout southern Ontario. These events have often spiraled out of control as far-right groups such as Yellow Vests Canada, the Proud Boys, Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Canadian Combat Coalition, Jewish Defence League and christian extremist group “the Servanthoods” have turned out to support Bultje’s message.

We've seen most of these groups rotating through Hamilton. "Servanthoods" were the violent ones at Pride Fest.
It's organized.
It's called PEGIDA, a virulent anti-Muslim/white supremacist homophobic group imported from Europe.
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