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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
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Sorry, I meant to say as in this example in Hamilton, ie. with the police.

My point is that people go on and on about 'cancel culture' and 'outrage culture' and say that 'you can't say anything anymore' but these kinds of things still happen under our noses.

Thank you.
Hamilton is fine.
The Chief of Police is not.
The Mayor is not.
And they are wreaking havoc.
Hamilton is stunned by their bigotry, perhaps in disbelief.

A perspective by Graham Crawford:
Back in 1981, after I moved from Hamilton to Toronto, I stood on the front lines protesting for my rights as a gay man. I was a marshal at a number of subsequent demonstrations. It was my job to keep our people safe. I wasn't particularly brave, but I was determined to stand up to hate that I was now experiencing. One night, the police stood between hundreds of us and a group of less than a dozen thugs who were taunting us and throwing rocks at us. Then, the police charged. At us. Hitting the marshals first with their batons. I never forgot that moment.
We are in the midst of a dangerous civic crisis fuelled by the poor leadership of our civic institutions.

Violent mobs attacking gays, and then police attacking them violently too.
It still happens ... 40 years later.

Whoever thinks gay rights are won and done does not know the truth of the violence that still threatens LGBTQ+ people, sometimes and some places by police ... still.
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