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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
« Reply #195 on: September 15, 2019, 09:07:08 am »
Faith! Did you 'accidently' delete your raging homophobic and violent fantasy rant? Fortunately, I captured it.
This is what you said.

"I would personally love to see Jessica Yaniv get beat down. Same with that NDP cross-dresser Morgane Oger.  I hope Rachel Mackinnon suffers a career ending cycling injury.

These people are freaks, and are a thorn in the side of Canada. The LGBT community needs to put a stop to these freaks."

There it is, folks. That's what it was before she deleted it. That's what we're dealing with in Hamilton: Homophobic hate groups ... who are also white supremacists and claim "Christian" motives.

Troll "Faith" is obviously one of the homophobes and Transphobes who attacked Pride Fest and infest City Hall with hate signs every Saturday.

She might be the one who calls herself "Lily", has a sign that says "Homosexuals are killing the white race", and last Saturday attacked Andrea Horwath (ON NDP leader) at City Hall.
Oh ... and cuddling and canoodling with Paul Fromm, notorious white supremacist.

I'm not sure why she's using "Faith" (Goldy?) as a name. Faith Goldy is hateful, but she's not that stupid. Lol
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