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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
« Reply #195 on: September 15, 2019, 08:52:20 am »
I wish the LGBT community would take some accountability over this. If they tell Police they are not welcome, and protest their presence, then don't cry when they respect your wishes and stay away.  It's hypocrisy. You either want Police at the parade or you do not want them there. If the LGBT community feels that Police should not be there, then train some of the members of the community in self defense, for Christ sakes. 

Typical leftist radicals. They brought this upon themselves.

It's funny, that stupid nonsense about police not being "welcome". It's not true. It's homophobic  smear and hate propaganda by the Chief of Police and the Mayor. I see you fell for it!!!

Firefighters still do their jobs without being invited to set up a recruiting booth.

In fact, we've looked all over the current street festival in town and we can't find the police recruiting booth, and yet the police are still  around doing their job!!

Why did the Police Chief think they needed to be invited to have a recruiting booth in order to do their job??!!
What's the point of even calling 911 when you need help, if they have to set up a recruiting booth in front of your place first, or they won't help you? 

Do you get the point, Faith?
Nobody told police to stay away.
They just didn't want police to have a recruiting booth at Pride Fest.
The Chief of Police had a hissy fit about that, ordered officers to stand down and let homophobes violently attack Pride people ... because the Chief IS a homophobe.

The Chief, as reported above, tried to make amends ... likely because he's now been reported to provincial authorities and is under investigation.

But this week he blew it totally, went on public radio and ranted about bathhouses, sex in public bathrooms, raping boys, anal sex ... typical 1950's HOMOPHOBIA.
Now he's apologized again,  sorry-not sorry style, with more of his pubescent giggling.

There are homophobes in high places who enjoy setting gay and Trans people up to get beaten up, while they watch and giggle.

That's what happened.