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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
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So you are against all of the SJWs that use aggressive protesting as a means to shut down speakers who they disagree with? Or is this just another example of your double standards?

We all have freedom of speech.
We are free to speak back.
Free seech doesn't guarantee you an audience.
No 'audience' ever goes to hear hate groups.
People only go to oppose them, to drown them out.
They're just not very popular.
Nobody ever promised them an adoring audience.
People get booed off stages all the time.

This is not about that. Start another thread on 'free speech for white supremacists' ... or not ... but don't try to derail this one.

This thread is about blatant and violent hate crimes,  and biased policing.

This is about assaults, hate crimes, and police failure to intervene to prevent those hate crimes.
This is about not about speech, but assaults ... while police watched and intentionally failed to police ... on the Chief's orders, for biased and punitive reasons, openly stated.

This is about hate crimes and criminals, Christopher Vanderweide  Kitchener (2 counts, assault with a weapon).
John Mark Morelli, Toronto, kicks to the head, still not arrested.

Who polices the police, when they appear to be aiding and abetting hate crimes?

We do. The public does.
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