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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
« Reply #45 on: June 27, 2019, 03:05:19 pm »
Yes that happened.  There's also some questions about police investigating the Bruce McArthur killings.

I assume it's also gay cops marching/dancing in the parade.  The question i'm asking is if the Pride ban is productive or counterproductive.  Whether they march or are banned, it's a largely symbolic gesture, it's not changing much on the ground, other than breeding more resentment.

Btw ... I'm not involved with Pride, wasn't there, don't have any input. I'm just an ally.
I went one year to try to help hide the Christian bigots' hateful sign. We couldn't. It was sickening seeing teens, families have to walk by those disgusting signs, having to see, hear and feel that hatred on their day of celebration.

Until now, I was pretty sure that police could put aside their personal "resentment" at not getting paid to attend a festival, and still do their jobs in a professional manner.
Very disturbing.
No, police can't be trusted to do their jobs impartially.

But the Pride community has always known that.

What is behind police motives that they won't just accept that they aren't invited? What other public employees are paid to participate in Pride Fest?
I just don't get that.

And the persistent bullying and pressure now seems quite sinister to me.

Harassment doesn't generally get you an invitation anywhere. Lol
And it does seem to be all about harassing the Pride community, certainly not protecting them, and it definitely isn't building good relations.

Police who choose to can attend Pride on their own time on their own dime, like anybody else.

If they're working, then they can police it in a professional, impartial manner.

Is that not the way it should be?
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