Author Topic: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame  (Read 3592 times)

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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
« Reply #45 on: June 27, 2019, 12:52:03 am »
I stand by my uncivil behaviour towards those who immediately begin whitewashing police and blaming Pride,  without knowing facts. It was meant to shake you up. Lol

Should we speak to each other like Trump does or like Obama does?  Should we behave like children when we're angry or like adults?  Should we have vile resentment & even hatred for those we disagree with, or treat them like human beings who deserve respect despite our differences?

How we decide to behave is what we'll end up teaching our children/grandchildren, and that's how they'll behave, & probably worse. We already have a generation of millennials where many are incapable of adults disagreements in academia, which supposed to be the HQ of adult conversations.  The breakdown in civility has led us to the state our society now finds itself in.
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