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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
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He does need a holiday.  Lol

One perp in custody.
The guy kicking people in the head when they're down ... he's Toronto's problem.
Preacher ... Servanthood group something?

And this:

Day of Action Drop All Charges Against Pride Defenders!
Posted onJune 25, 2019Authornorthshore1 Comment

From The Tower fb page.


We are calling for a day of autonomous action in support of those who are facing repression for defending themselves and others from far-right violence at Hamilton Pride.
This Friday, June 28th we are asking for people far and wide to show their support and solidarity by taking action where they live. Actions could include things like: banner drops, postering, rallies, or any number of other more creative endeavors ;)

If possible, it would be great if you could share it with us by sending a photo and/or a brief description to You could also post things yourself on and send us the link.
Please share widely!

Cedar Hopperton and two others arrested are on probation conditions, from the Locke St March

Conditions include attending only peaceful protests.
Cedar was not at Gage Park Pride Fest, was later at a City Hall public meeting and called for the resignation of the Chief of Police, then handed out flyers after, where they were arrested by police on probation violation. Not.
But still in jail.
Two others turned themselves in for probation violation. (for company?)
All political.

Now the police finally caught a real criminal.
Christopher Vanderweide, Kitchener.

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