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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
« on: June 25, 2019, 10:18:13 pm »
Exactly.  Pride wouldn't let the police attend, wouldn't let them have a recruitment booth.  So they hate the police, until they need them.

Are you saying It's appropriate for police to withhold service because they weren't invited to the party?
Good thing there wasn't a fire if emergency services needs an invitation to a party or they won't put out a fire.

Fortunately, I don't think the firefighters are that dumb.

Are all police so dumb that they don't comprehend what "impartial" means?
They're supposed to know that word.

It's a pretty sick way to learn a lesson, but maybe now Pride understands the value police have in the community, even if some police behave improperly.
All of them behaved improperly, on the Chief's order.

The Police Chief is going down.
He doesn't understand what "impartial" means.
Do you get it?
They don't know their duty.
Too **** dumb.

Pride won't even "allow" the city hall to fly a pride flag.  Now Pride is saying about the police conduct on the weekend "this isn't how to build relationships"  :D

This whole things so, so stupid.
You're stupid.

Pride refused because police were already having hissy fits about "not being invited" to infiltrate the festivities.

Policing is assumed.

Btw ... the Pride & Trans flags are now gone from City Hall: lol

"The rumours are true and the loot is ours.

Last Thursday (June 20), under the cover of night, a fearless team of Queer Ninjas, using Trans-Batman-grade suction cups and Super Lesbionic Wonder Woman lassoes, scaled the clammy, heaving walls of Hamiltonís City Hall and reclaimed our rightful property. Our highly skilled infiltrators easily pierced the fortress of servanthood, dismantling the two centre flag poles and removing our beloved Pride and Trans flags. The QNs were pursued by Hamiltonís intrepid popo force (who are great at rooting out uppity queers, but apparently not so great at identifying known fag bashers), and narrowly escaped the rooftop using Gay Spiderman steel webbing and Sheer Non-Binary Strength. By dawn Friday, new flags had been installed in a different spot. Those two empty spots in the middle, where Mayor Fred had the nerve to fly our flags without our permission, are a protest of absence. A ghostly reminder of this cityís inaction. Fascists are here, we are queer, and weíre not going away, you are."

They are hilariously awesome! Lolol
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