Author Topic: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame  (Read 4051 times)

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Re: Hamilton Pride, Police Shame
« on: June 25, 2019, 04:39:55 pm »
The police should have done their job in spite of Pride but they were more than not invited, they were told not to attend in uniform.
Pride needs to decide what they want from police.

Exactly.  Pride wouldn't let the police attend, wouldn't let them have a recruitment booth.  So they hate the police, until they need them.

It's a pretty sick way to learn a lesson, but maybe now Pride understands the value police have in the community, even if some police behave improperly.

Pride won't even "allow" the city hall to fly a pride flag.  Now Pride is saying about the police conduct on the weekend "this isn't how to build relationships"  :D

This whole things so, so stupid.
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