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I hope she's irrelevant, but I'm concerned that people like her are becoming more normalized. Having the likes of Faith Goldy running around isn't good for anybody. It's especially not good for people who'd like to have a rational discussion about immigration levels or other topics that have become taboo because of extremists.


We haven't been able to have a rational discussion about immigration since before she was born. That is WHY she can get attention. Because she dares to say the kinds of things nobody else dares to say publicly, to question the tight-knit groupthink of our political and media elites. Yes, some of what she says is stupid. But as Douglas Murray has said often enough, if you shut down all conventional sources of discussion then you leave it to people on the fringes to step up. And that means anyone concerned can look only to them. Talk about things openly and deal with the issues and concerns of the people and she has no audience.
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